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3 necklaces – brick squad lyrics



[hook: m-ssive black]
brick squad, don’t f-ck with us (uh)
brick squad, don’t f-ck with us (uhhhhh)
brick squad

[verse 1: 3 necklaces]
i’m from that brick squad, 689
f-ck with my clique, it’s uzi time
it’s snoozy time, for yo -ss
i got that swag, you ain’t got no cl-ss
got my triangle, wait f-ck illuminati
my homies on yo -ss, f-ck this party
f-ck this sh-t, where my hoes at
what you mean no hoes, where my baseball bat
free sosa, uhh nugga where my louis
nugga where my gucci, real nugga with a poochie
you insult my boys, you messing with me
one wrong word, you’ll be in the sea
cause the … green clique don’t take sh-t from you
and all the brick squad’ll will f-ck with you
all all your ladies will abandon you
people will just be like ‘nugga who?’


[verse 2: 3 necklaces]
walk in, my boys flanking me
dank on the arm and that kush you need
set me a drink, j-raww, gucci k!llah
my sh-t the best, even album filler
all these nuggas try to mess with the best
all these nuggas being put to the test
all these nuggas praying on their knees
as we turn on the black and decker with no lead
ha, i laugh, paper’s to the ceiling
lowest denomination, half a million
h-ll, in my gucci recliner
i know i’m on the top cause everything designer
sh-t real as, started from the bottom
huh, we gold music, never be forgotten
huh, we just started, why would we be stopping
even yeezy mad from all the molly we poppin’
f-ck this!

[bridge: m-ssive black]
n0body do it like brick squad
making money in the area
n0body do it like brick squad
making money in the area