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3 stripe god – i dont only yell you know lyrics


alander on the beat b-tch

tommy on my f-ckin shirt
every beat i go bezerk
adidas on my f-ckin feet
i don’t ever f-ckin cheat
rcm03 in my motherf-ckin studio b-tch
i might just rap fast just to show you i can do it b-tch

i’m rapping all fast and i’m getting all hype and i’m feeling electric
feeling kendrick
might as well just call it hydroelectric
this is aesthetic
i am eccentric

(wait wait)

i got veins popping out my hands
you don’t understand
cuz you ain’t out here getting hyped with all yo fans
if you don’t understand my lyrics don’t come question me
razor to yo wrist don’t come flex on me
juul in yo mouth you a f-ggot now?
i don’t really care cuz really it’s just f-ck u now

what what

pedigree your b-tch like i’m f-cking triple h
she don’t care about my age
yuh she love my flow
i don’t really care
cuz i’m rapping slow
i do it for my flow
this next part
better faster flow

alander the one u can never defeat
now you better bow down like u kissing our feet
and you better back down cuz i’m taking yo seat
b-tch you know this a foreign beat
what? yuh yuh

i might have to slow it down
f-ck you i don’t care
b-tch you know i might have to end it now