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30 day warranty – the endless charade lyrics


i will tell you one more time
everything is not so fine, my options running out
we were cool just yesterday but now i have my doubts
i’ve got this figured out
is there a side to take i’m careful where i step

feel somethings going to break its strange it hasnt yet
now our crowd has done its time and now our patience ends

and now i think i see how all these lies tie in
and you know you can’t deny everythings been building up
dammed with pretty smiles hot emotions blowing up and now you’ve stoked the fire
if you could just forgive
maybe we could still be friends instead you criticize
which brings another end

when all your backs are turned its plain no one can see
all this bullsh-t piling up from this hypocrisy
and if you had a piece a shred of decency
maybe you could lock wrists once again