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30 deep grimeyy – monster lyrics



p+ssy ass n+ggas, this the ‘ville
and all this sneak dissin’
y’all think we gonna clap back?
we ain’t the po+pos!
we ain’t gonna tell who we hit!
’cause we know that’s a godd+mn lie
n+gga y’all workin’ with the feds or somethin’…

[verse 1]

b+tch you can’t claim the gang if you ain’t step for the ‘ville
i got k!llers up the road r.i.p the n+ggas that squealed
[?]was with me tae was drivin’ when i did my first drill
i just pray leilani with me when i touch my first mil
n+ggas be quick to smack a b+tch
but won’t smack none of their opps
used to fool around with 38s, but fell in love with them glocks
momma ain’t have it, i was bummy, wearin’ mismatched socks
now i be tired of carryin’ bags, b+tch i shop till i drop
97 223s up in this choppa, i’ll crack a crowd
cashapped my lil brother a lil nickel he just whacked a clown
money just like boosie, causin’ h+ll, and he just touched down
jb deuce on house arrest ’cause my lil cousin a shooter
she ain’t tryna suck and f+ck, murda send her a uber
i been slidin’ since a jit, call me grimeyy the [?]
“grimeyy, why they steady dissin’?”
cause them n+ggas some losers
b+tch i’m grimeyy extra slimey, they already know that
i touched my city for a week, and 2 n+ggas got toe tagged
her [?} was dirty, i said f+ck it, so i took a whole bath
goofies steady droppin disses, they can’t get they bro back
stl get cold in the summer and sh+t get cold in the winter
don’t ask me questions ’bout no bodies
i don’t know or remember
30 beefin’ with a p+ssy, grimeyy vs. caitlyn jenner
“what’s on your plate, 30 deep?”
b+tch i got rappers for dinner, yea

free d+west
long live the real, free the real, free baebae
adw sh+t, long live streets, grimeyy deuce the grim reaper
self+made no features n+gga, yea
ain’t no st. louis without this [?]
me and my lil brother murda, heh, we on y’all ass
nah, pause, we on y’all bumper, you heard me? hahaha
i am st. louis, gang