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30 foot fall – hooray lyrics



this happened to me
i woke up from a dream
where my world had been torn apart
and these horrible scenes
well they followed me
and i laid in bed scared to start
i couldn’t start my days
till those visions faded
and i remembered i was me
i gave my brain a shake
and shouted hey!
awake ain’t such a bad place to be

but there have been so many times
i couldn’t stand my life
or understand my mind
i was p-ssed off all the time
paralyzed inside
now i get by with a little help from my friends
and i’m so proud of the circle i’m standing in
hooray for me!
hooray for everybody!

it didn’t seem to matter too much
who was hanging around
long as the band was good
and the big was crowd
now it’s an arm around my neck
and i’m a glad you’re here smile
and i’m so glad you all made it here again
i love the family and strangers i call my friends