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30 glizzy – kick door lyrics


give that sh-t up or we ain’t gonna k!ll you f-ck n-ggas
you hear me?
30 30 30!
aye, aye

[hook 2x]
i came in the front door and left out the back(kick door!)
i turned up on n-ggas and got me a sack
callin my phone, he can’t get it back(he can’t get it back)
i live in the ? i’m movin them packs(i’m runnin’ the trap)

[verse 1]
you lookin for me, i’m writin’ a check
thuggin’ out ? and loadin the mac
hittin’ the cheese, n-gga we back
benji out the benji, out the benji
mary janes, ?, k!lled kenny
red bottoms in the givenchy
she wanna give ? a hickey
i came in this b-tch with a glizzy
i sat right there in them fences
came a long way from them trenches
who ? and i get it
free ? you a pretender
imma kick this door for ricky
walkin’ right up with the semi
make em’ take that like diddy(take that! take that!)
i need the bobby, i need the whitney
i need the lean, he got prescription
they callin’ my phone, 30 went missin’
i’m takin’ a sh-t, that’s how i kick it!

[hook 2x]

[verse 2]
neiman marcus in the sacks, 5th
we the men in black, like will smith
100 thrangs off hittin l1cks
how he mad that i f-cked his b-tch
pullin’ up in all types of sh-t
versace chain just to match the ‘fit
heard a n-gga say he movin’ bricks
sn-tch him up, and he ain’t movin’ sh-t
i do em’ like they did mitch
they say f-ck me for them free bricks
so i guess it’s f-ck them with this 30 clip
he shoot like ray allen, that boy never miss

[hook 2x]