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30 – salt lyrics



i’m tired sick and i’m sick and tired of bein’ it
roll out of bed and i take a bottle and pee in it
i got a vision, i’m sick and tired of seein’ it
a chord progression i’m sitting trying to reinvent
synthetic energy, amphetamines, all not to f-ck with
a loss for words and at a battle with my better judgement
i check my brother who been good far as i can see
addicted to the drug my psychiatrist once prescribe to me
’cause my anxiety’s increasing exponentially
but pills to dum me down will just k!ll the creative energy
i think, so what i see when i blink is up to me to cultivate
and only i can let you in
my narcissism, insecurity but both when they listen
could be confusin’ for consumers, what a juxtaposition
30’s this, no he’s that, which role i should fill
well i don’t even know myself so i guess take what you will
and optimism’s dark corner is the riskiest side
’cause my gl-ss is half full, but if there’s whiskey inside
you’re going forty in a forty-five, i’m sixty in mine
a cold war inside my head, release a clip in my mind
but who am i kiddin’? since a kid i was different
and put away the blanket, homie, this ain’t no picnic
this is just a pool of quicksand that we’re swimmin’ in
but if i ain’t have a pot to p-ss, i’d make one and sh-t in it
is anyone listenin’?

uh, yeah
is anyone listening’?