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30 odd foot of grunts – the same person lyrics



i’m the same person
that saved you with my lips
the very same man
that blessed your fingertips
the only one around here
who likes to remember you as you were
the only thing to doubt here

is are we drinking
or are we not
are we sinking?

i’ve said the same thing now forever
we keep getting sidetracked, waylaid, replayed
hey whatever
my heart ain’t coming back
no, no never
the only thing to doubt here

is my actual existence
juris prudence proven misfit
likes the sèances
but won’t stick
to the surfaces
he’s too slick
and so alone
like magic

i’m the same person
who taught you with my eyes
you know there was a time girl
you liked to hear my lies
so now what? half truth is suddenly despised?

show me your game plan
you know the dog ate mine
mine was this insane plan
where everybody’s high
now i know the film flam
of being someone’s prize
the only thing to doubt here
is my actual existence
only proven by circ-mference
stones are thrown
and they don’t miss
you only get bruised
if you exist
as told to me by prophets