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300 east – tv dinner (freestyle) lyrics


[verse 1: cxntent]
i’ve been in the gym with my conscience
we was in the trenches in the bas-m-nt with the roaches
got em eatin’ good pork
and now ’cause it’s culture
and i’ve been a b-tch
i don’t wear no f-cking chokers
got em egging on when you yoking
when it’s poacher
see, i’m aiming for your head
take your horn cause i’m poaching
been the flyest out, now you flat like a coaster
snazz chop it up drop me in like a token
i see you at the bleachers nose bleeding
but i’m trying to take you deeper
way beneath like you swimming in some beaches
knife to a gun fight i’m bringing out the cleavers
know you feeling the shark bite
don’t believe it cause it’s even
sumo with the wrestler
hammer ’cause i’m pressing em
all you gotta do is charge me up like a tesla
been about the dream
really [?] like i’m nothing, bro
bring them guns out
y’all weak turning nicholas

[verse 2: funk]
look, i’m moving at a different pace
my thoughts are stuck in heaven state
you better say your grace
when you face straight at your maker
see, i lost a lot of friends
i then commenced to own my sense
i was never one to pretend
i invested before i spent
leave me gasping for some more
p-ssing food out to the poor
toe to toe with their elite
better practice what you [?]
been antic-p-ting defeat
bridging gaps like i’m a niche
acquired taste so 24 carat is chewing on my teeth
cut the bullsh-t and the [?]
i’m taking what you resisting
my patience is wearing thinner
my circle is full of winners
i’m sickened by your existence
take some moment to sink in
leaving your bones sinking
never had a pot to p-ss in
i’m sh-tting up on your dishes
f-ck whatever you thinking
this is guerrilla warfare and i’m here to take on [?]
who next up?
i’m taking down names
while steady eating your cheques up
it’s 300 east we ’bout to feast
we next up