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3005x – page 72 and onward lyrics


tires screech outside. dude 2 stands up. there’s a small crash outside


voice: freeze!


the boy and dude 2 look at each other. dude 1 runs outside only to be torn apart by a jet of bullets. the boy’s phone falls out of his pocket

he finally understood. at least he thought he did, in his own mind

dude 2: f-ck!

dude 2 runs and grabs the boy and puts him in another room

dude 2: f-ck, i can’t get taken out like him

why did he care so much about how he’d be “taken out”? it’s bound to happen to everyone, that’s life

dude 2: if i’m going out i’ll make sure i see you in h-ll later on!

dude 2 puts his gun in his mouth and fires. the boy looked on in silence

—–[play song “life: the biggest troll” at this point]—–

only a matter of time, the voices kept getting louder, the door was left open

the boy: i don’t know who i am anymore

what a trivial thing to say, as if he tried to find out who he was. or maybe he’s nothing at all

time was running out, but his body moved on its own. he found a box and wrote down all of his fears, it was indescribable. he took a picture of it and uploaded it to instagram. everyone would see just before the cops
he lies back, looks up at the ceiling and sees “roscoe”s wetsuit” scribbled into it. the voices grew louder, angrier, tomorrow would feel like the last day, but today would not. sometimes you just can’t explain things

the boy: you’re here now, you have to help me

he says this to “roscoe’s wetsuit “, which has become dependable, which is always needed
page 72