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304fatality – robbery lyrics


runnin’ with my heart in a bag it’s a robbery
knew you didn’t love me ‘cause you ran at the thought of me
i feel like a poor soul without you i’m in poverty
said if you gonna love me than you gotta do it properly

sometimes you gotta get back up when you fall down
cuz either way you put it you gonna always f+cking fall down
know you feel a way like you lost and you not found
promise imma bring you to the top get out this small town

[verse 1]
things always different it’s just the way you put it
all my friends were telling me that i really shouldn’t
trust another girl last one had me at my worst
taking drugs for my pain now im leaving in a he+rs+

i been cutting on the daily homies said i’m trippin
get me out the gutter but i’m still heavy sipping
this the way i feel and i can’t feel any different
still turn up at the party we gon kick it

jus because she broke you doesn’t mean you can’t be happy
you gon hurt yourself and you tell me it end badly
i’m still making money but you know i do it sadly
remember old days we was chillin in the alley

but we can’t go back to those old days anymore
too many fights too many tears on the f+cking floor
can’t handle my emotions feel like i’m at war
tell all my friends goodbye i can’t take this sh+t anymore

momma always told me that these girls gon’ be b+tches
yeah they gonna leave and they gon leave u wit some stitches
you gotta get back up and you gotta get these riches
for the whole family and the boys that’s the business

sometimes these girls they gon make you feel like you nothing
gotta prove em wrong turn yourself up into something
they gon leave you might feel like you gon end it all
but if you gonna do it all you all u need to do is call