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309 lil dre – home run lyrics


intro: leggo haaaa

chorus: n-ggas be thinking they on one but shorty we really be on one my n-ggas gone hit em a home run get back cuz we toting a lot of guns x2

verse 1 : my n-ggas at bat call em baberuth they hitting cuz shorty we be the truth got choppas they loaded and aimed at you need coroners and bags when i’m in the booth i told u we really be on one we at bat we gone hit us a home run gotta keep shining call me the sun talking money we stacking it by the ton…my city ain’t lacking they capping disrespect the 9 you gonna need missionaires rip we just got yo obituary 309 we put n-ggas in cemeteries bullets start flying around these n-ggas faces he thought dat he seen a fairy everybody start dying just call me carrie halloween to a kid this sh-t very scary walk up on a n-gga jump stupid don’t play with yo life cuz u know we can’t go like that shooting sh-t movie clip just like cinemax city colder than winter and wolf packs he talking dat hitta and drilla don’t run up on me like a concert we gotta clap and u rappers my sons give em similac once i put em to bed he ain’t coming back if it come to money and fame i’m taking money over fame that be any day don’t let pictures and b-tches get in the way it ain’t my bday but i still get the cake when i strike thunder sh-lls hot like saunas i swear u better not be in my way shoot a goofy then enter the interstate (did u shoot em) no its no debate


dey see dat my sh-t reached a mili dese n-ggas f-gs call em wilie u get in that jam bet u squilly pop up at ya spot what’s the dilly talking down that’s a mistake choppa bullets gonna penetrate my kush be louder than a parade my sh-t do numbers i’m so insane i done took off on my city line keep on juking everybody need a feature so just send me that $50 no time for reasons won’t get sh-t till dat cash be in my region pistols c-cking tears dropping oh lord his momma had to book a dam preacher lord forgive me i’m sinning i am a demon at times i be high it feel like i’m leaning why y’all broke we got money try to take our money u catching one in the chest free all of my fam still rep the set i got b-tches that jigging off perkecess i just made it to the top i’m glad they mad that’s why we all tote a gun for u n-ggas that thinking y’all on one y’all gone see em at night with the tech son i be so high in the sky y’all sitting low but b-tch i be with the stars you can see my bars floating around mars got the sound on a strong like a guitar f-ck u n-ggas we do this we ball live a n-gga body up in some tar kush got my face blue like a avatar lil dre 309 we getting far


outro: we be toting a lot of guns up a pole we do this sh-t for fun 309