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30s musical cast – chacha heels lyrics


[spoken: ivy & gia]
come here, ivy! santa brought us presents!
jesus, i’m coming!
please, ivy! let’s not fight!, it’s christmas!
i ain’t gonna be singing xmas carols!
here’s your xmas spirit, ivy
i better be getting chacha heels

[verse 1]
what the h-ll are these?!
there new shoes!
they don’t look like chacha heels!
i told you what i wanted, and you got these!!!
good girls don’t wear chacha heels!
but i don’t care what the good girls wear!!
but my dream is chacha heals!
get off me you ugly witch!!!
i want my delivery!!!!!!

all i ever wanted (3x)
were chacha heels
said all i ever wanted (3x)
were chacha heels

but ivy!, it’s xmas!! (2x)
chacha (8x)