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30sidelouie (feat. amtheartist) – complain lyrics


(i just wanted more yeah yeahh)

i just want more
but you gimme less shawty
i’mma do what’s best for me
now i gotta cheque now you wanna come check on me?

(come check on me)

i’ve just had enough of this
i can’t get enough from you
you should learn to love me
i shouldn’t have to ask for it yeah

(you should stop complaining, baby be complacent)

good love takes some patience
you say i do the most well say less
i just want the best with no stress

(f-ck the drama)

said i loved you
but i meant in the past tense
back whennn yeah
4 am in the midst of madness
imma pull up late like it’s fashion

you should call my phone again
know we f—– up
but we’re both to blame
know you’ve moved on
but its not the same
no it’s not the same yeah

new h— (new h—)
downtown flexing in some new clothes (new clothes)
you should hit me up i got a new phone
(brrr brrrr)

and you always say i’m numero uno
guess i f-cked it up well baby uno
my love been here now you chose
tryna play my cards right looks like uno
i ain’t got time to flex for my new h—

all-all the times i had you heated now you cold?
run a cheque baby you won’t
line a flex i know you won’t yeah

(when i met you said u don’t)
f-ck with n—– but she stuck wit me
but i know that love ain’t free
i know that love ain’t cheap
that’s why i love it for me
but i ain’t wanted love just wanted company
and you’re never around baby luckily

admire the time
cus i feel like i’m out of my mind
you hurt my pride
i got some issues that you wanna find
(you wanna find)
you always hiding
i’m tryna try
you never mind
but i’ll put more time in
just tell me you riding
you know where the times been

(new h—
downtown flexing in some new clothes
you should hit me up i got a new phone )

(good love takes some patience)