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30sidelouie – keke lyrics


know you’re wanting it all

my type
we got something in store (yeah yeah)

and i ain’t seen you before

babygirl tell me what you want
and what you adore

cus i can get you what you want
so tell me what you need from me

put you in your bag and
put some double c’s on it

you ain’t asking for much
if i spend another bag
i’m gone double it up


i’m like keke
baby do you love me
do you need me
i can see it in your eyes
i know you’re freakyyyy

blow a bag
on my baby
yeah she’s fleekyyyy
yeah she’s fleeky

( verse 1)
new chanel

swimming in women
like michael phelps
oh yeah

oh well
you ain’t use to a real one
and i can tell

cus i knowww

how to change your mind
and make you miiiine tho

yeah i won’t
i won’t waste no time
so make your minddd up

yeah yeah

knee deep
i just fell in love
so what i’m knee deep

i just want your love
so what i’m greedy

na na
you just hit my celly
when you need me

na naaaah
you just hit my celly
when you need me