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3:17 – she knows lyrics


aye, aye
aye, aye
aye, aye
aye, aye

{verse 1}
no, no
don’t tell me things like this won’t
happen like this no more
cause i need it
true love
she knows i love
the way that she do it with her tounge
you know
what you’ve, been waiting for
someone that can treat you right
say no more
who is he
i’m him
same n-gg- that a hand it to your n-gg- if he keep acting up that’s me, yeah
i know
i know
i know
i yeah
there’s something bout your brown eyes
what the h-ll they talkin’ bout
you just tryna turn up
but you don’t never stress em, you let em cause you know

take you to peru
feed you tropic fruits
alone in this room
see the ocean view
i can see it in your eyes
i just spreaded your thighs, baby

cause you know i’m on my time
you know you are on my mind
i don’t wanna know some time
cause you know
she knows
she knows
she knows