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33 miles – come with me lyrics


looking for/you can’t see it anywhere
anymore/you’ve been knockin’ down
fences just to find it/seems no matter
how hard you try/you can’t fill the
void you have inside/with anything
the world says is enough/you know that
it will never be enough/come with
me/and i will show you jesus/and he
will give you more than you could ask
or imagine/come with me/if you’re
lookin’ for a savior/if you’re lookin’
for a friend/i know someone you should
meet/so come with me/come with me/
tired of everyday being just another
day/you can’t take it anymore anyway/
you’ve done everything in your power/
to change it/seems no matter how
much you do/well all your plans keep
falling thru/you need wings to get
you off the ground/for everytime the
world has let you down/chorus/i’m not
claiming to hold all the answers/but
i’m holdin’ on to the one who does/come
with me and i will show you jesus/come
with me/chorus/come with me and i
will show you jesus