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33 miles – hold on lyrics


i’ve been there a thousand times/felt
the rain like a thousand knives and it
hurts/i know it hurts/i’ve been there
like a fighter plane/trying to fly my
way thru a hurricane and it’s hard/i
know it’s hard/don’t be afraid/you’ll
make it thru/just call out to me/
and i’ll come running to you/hold
on/hold on/when the current pulls
you under/and your heart beats like
thunder/just give me your hand/and
hold on/hold on/until the storm is
over/and i’ll be fighting for you/just
give me your hand/and hold on/i’ll
give you hope i’ll give you faith/and
if it’s dark i’ll light the way for
you/for you/by your side until the
end/until you’re standing tall again/
i’m here/i’ll always be here/always be
here/and if the tide sweeps you out to
sea/when your strength is gone and it’s
hard to believe/chorus x2