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33 miles – when i get where i’m going lyrics


when i get where i’m going/on the far
side of the sky/the first thing that
i’m gonna do/is spread my wings and
fly/gonna land beside the lion/and
run my fingers thru his mane/or i
might find out what it’s like/to ride a
drop of rain/yeah when i get where i’m
going/there’ll be only happy tears/
and i will shed the sins and struggles
that i’ve carried all these years/and
i’ll leave my heart wide open/and i
will love and have no fear/when i
get where i’m going/don’t cry for me
down here/i’m gonna walk with my
grandaddy/and he’ll match me step for
step/and i’ll tell him how i’ve missed
him/every minute since he left/oh and
then i’ll hug his neck/chorus/so much
pain so much darkness/in this world we
stumble through/all these questions
i can’t answer/so much work to do/but
when i get where i’m going/and i see
my maker’s face/i’ll stand forever in
the light/of his amazing grace/when
i get where i’m going/when i get where
i’m going/i’m going to be in heaven,
heaven/when i get where i’m going