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333heathen – dark eyez lyrics


dark eyez dark soul dark eyez dark soul dark soul dark eyez dark soul
walking down the halls you should see
that motherf-cking n-gga triple 3
dark clothes dark hair dark soul
dark eyes that attract all the hoes
i’m so cold make a beat then i k!ll it
so pimpin got yo b-tches f-ckin spirits
they call me weird but deep down i know they feel it
young heathen had yo b-tch p-ssy bleeding
think i’m playing smeared her lips with all my s-m-n
they say i’m demon but i’m not i’m triple 3
little minions all bow down to me
i rebel f-ck school go to h-ll
i do get high loud pack in the shelves
but i don’t want touch it
most the time i’m just like f-ck it
i don’t understand most the things that i do
sometimes i think i’m crazy and sometimes i think it’s you
i pity all the n-ggas that has ever called me lame
and all the f-cking b-tches that looked at me in shame
i hope they feel the pain in they blood in they veins
the fire in my eyes will burn any remains
don’t spill blood this white tee don’t need no stains
after i smoke you i’ll do the same to mary jane
dark eyez dark soul dark eyez dark soul dark eyez dark soul