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336kakarxt – patty cake lyrics


patty cake

{intro: 336kakarxt}
ay, uh, ay, uh, ay, uh, ay, uh
it’s 336 and they like to hate
put them in good hands like allstate
she wanna f-ck, like b-tch okay
clapping her cheeks, like patty cake
spit on my d-ck, yeah, she nasty
flowin’ like water, that wet p-ssy
she give me top, that’s so sloppy (2x)

{verse 1: 336kakarxt}
flow like water cause’, b-tch, i’m a faucet
i am the king, i’m not b-tchin’, i’m bossin’
n-gg- you g-y, just come out the closet
they like to hate cause’ they cannot stop it
seen my style and you tryna’ copy
hit up the bank and i make a deposit
drawin’ the line cause n-gg-s won’t cross it
i walk around cause’ a young n-gg- saucin’

{verse 2: 336kakarxt}
can’t no one stop my sauce in this b-tch
look at my ice and look at my drip
f-ck on ya’ b-tch, now she sucking my d-ck
she opens her legs then i dive in the cl-t
you know, d-mn well, that i can’t stop
you can just crown me the cream of the crop
f-ck on yo’ b-tch, while i’m doing backshots
i’ll just have her screaming, kakarot!

{verse 3: 336fullcounter}
uppercut a n-gg-, jiu-jitsu, uh
promise that my n-gg-s’ will hit you, yuh
like the fire, i had lit you, uh
m-ss destruction will fix you, yuh
swag, uh
i get to the bag
they actin all tough, till’ we get to the stash
take all the money, i’m countin’ my cash
they actin’ so fishy, these n-gg-s’ be f-gs
thought i was done, wait a minute, not finished
i just powered down, but it’s time to replenish
i am not a chemist, but still, keep the potion
don’t act up around me, you will get your dosage
just like a plumber, you know i stay totin’
i’m going so fast that i’m seeing slow motion
you know i stay charged and ready for explosion
i just let you know n-gg-, what’s the commotion?
i am the master, don’t who you talkin’ to
you don’t want trouble, you best fix your att-tude
bullets is flying and they losing alt-tude
when i clean up, i do not need no residue
actin’ resilient, until we electrocute
like an amv, we pull and edit you
destroy the signal, so no one can rescue you
thought i was playing. these n-gg-s’ stay misconstrued