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33as_fuck – tempts lyrics


in the streets
blood on beats
murder crawls on the streets
or wrapped up in white sheets
smokin’ in the battlegrounds on wild streets
tv’s in the rearview, with armored gl-ss seats
makin million dollars merely speakin over drum beats
and the mothaf-ckin’ rippers runnin’ loose through the streets
but lately i’ve been settlin for liquor and herbal treats
in northwest atlanta, but i don’t hear it in the streets
through the back streets, tears in the back seats
if you want to survive in these motherf-ckin streets
so keep eatin that trail of treats
a f-ckin baby gangsta comin up in the streets
stopped in circle k and got a box of sweets
putting it down with billy cook, in these h-town streets
main source breakin’ atoms, had amazin’ rappin’ and beats refresh edit delete source rapg*nius
in a bucket of treats, whether the club or the streets
the brains blowed out with them whited leather seats
y’all don’t wanna see that wodie, i’m from the streets
rubbin they cheecks, nut on they sheets, f-ck on they beats
i’m like a tractor as i bulldozer in those streets
ships and planes, check the first cl-ss seats
my momma never told me it would be, these beats