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33west33 – armageddon lyrics


[bridge: aiven]
hate you mothef+cker
i throw up in a bucket
i don’t wanna money, gold
my soul is sold
satanic bullsh+t in my playlist
i wrote you down in a blacklist

[chorus: aiven]
smoking fatty b+tch say cheese
fell and lost but got white wrist
black horse in my back
eyes are red
two threes on my lap
feeling sad
stop, i haven’t said that i smoking dope?
yeah, i’m f+cking smoking dope
oh my god oh my god
im’ma lost in your eyes
im’ma lost in your lies
bite me, bite me like mice
go away of my sight

не выходи из комнаты, не совершай ошибку
зачем тебе солнце, если ты куришь шипку?
за дверью бессмысленно все, особенно + возглас счастья
только в уборную + и сразу же возвращайся

[verse: lil sheldon]
i got bloodshot, both with .45
motherf+cker got the drive
motherf+cker talkin lie (а)
ak+47 is directed to the sky (e)
we fly high, u testified against me?
im’ma smokin with u talkin
u went walkin, chest is open
u think i’m jokin, i’m not jokin
seepin codeine, b+tch got f+cked
im’ma glad, im’ma wanna live on the moon
my mind lost in da gloom
im’ma stuck in my room
hear gun cl!ck to my head
try to guess im’ma dead?
i’m so tired, i’m so sad
im’ma waiting for death
i’m not breath
im’ma close to the paradise
remains only close my eyes
remains only erase my minds