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33west33 – moonrise lyrics


[verse 1: lil sheldon]
drugs in my veins
got the bullet in my brains
f+ckboy u like lame
drugs or b+tches it’s so same
life like game everyday i pray
always high it’s ma way
wanna be free f+cking pay
if u wanna just say
b+tches motherf+ckers always lie
skinny motherf+ckers got me die
spray on wall .45 call the cops
on west side
it’s f+ckboys i hate em
u afraid until death
im’ma die alone in my f+cking dark room
take the top, coming soon
with lil aiven on the moon
afternoon im’ma done
take the f+cking lil gun
scarecrow stand in the field
call me f+cking young wheeled

[bridge: aiven]

[verse: aiven]
shawty moving at my pace
f+ckboy can’t feel his face
poison in the air let it spray
my fist crush pills
im in the back seat (back seat)
with a f+cking bad b+tch (bad b+tch)
she talk about lsd glitch
i’m getting better but you’re still the same (still the same)
f+ck what you say (say)
f+ck what you say (say)
when i die you will cry (when i die you will cry)
when i die you will cry
i’m ghost (ghost, ghost)
war is close (close, close)
i’m froze (froze, froze)
cocaine in my nose
big dose, big dose
big dose, big dose

let me die, let me die, let me die
b+tch boy, let me die (overdose)