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3409 – company lyrics


i think i told you girl
i’m not the one you’re lookin’ for
i’m here to take up time and sp-ce
replace the feelings you don’t want (d-mn)
if you’re needin’ more
fiening for a fix
then i’ll tell you this another time
it’s temporary nothing more

i can’t do this
feelin’ like im glued in
girl i’ll tell you what i really want
company without the talk
if you do this
you’ll end up feelin’ blue
and wishin’ that you never met me
’cause you’re company and nothing more

call me babe ruth
cuz my sh-t sw-ng
got a bust lip
way i spit game
told her suck d-ck
gave her big brains
now she love sick
taking sick days

and i don’t wanna make her miss pay
shawty good at getting frisky
she be freaky got me going geeky
imma bus it open make them lips sing

sing it to me baby
we don’t want love no we stuck in the 80s
sick dawg got rabies
dirty dance on me like i’m patrick swayze

don’t spill on my coat
girl this jacket marc jacobs
you could blow up my phone just know i’ll be gone before you wake up