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34kjoshua – mistakes lyrics



iv done a lot of mistakes in my life
but i wanna pay the price
yeah change to a better guy
yeah this isn’t nice
ima change my life
yeah i’ma change my life
turn to a better guy
turn to a better guy
yes i hate life
but im fight it right
yeah ima fight it right
got no time to waste time
just gotta spend time
living life like all the time

if you wanna change you have to fight
been threw so much that i don’t know
how to live life
been tryna help others but they left right?
i don’t know whеn it’s time to say goodnight
tryna keep it positive all the timе

people say it’s hard to change but iv changed a lot since i was 14 years old
now i’m helping other’s stay positive
life is a ride and it’s hard but the more effort that goes into it is that main part

you see me on the move
i got sh+t to prove
i know you more than you think i do
i got sh+t to prove
i can’t help i make mistakes
should see me on a better day
i been f+cked up since last tuesday
she f+ckin hate it but i can’t change
and i don’t want to
n i sh+t got to prove
u see me on the move
i live outside the rules
if you want the real truth
i don’t know what to do
i keep making mistakes
but i know i can change
i’m never innocent
but no one else is