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34kjoshua – suicide lyrics


i’ve been left at home i have no where else to go locked up been alone sippin patron and snorting blow i got a soft spot in my heart but that sh+t is pretty dark so i roll up and i spark add some fire to the dark we snort cocaine inhale like propane i’ve gone insane just take my life away because a life without you is one i don’t want to live so stay here tonight you dumb depressing b+tch f+ckin in the auto mage pull up in a 3 car garage your love fake like a mirage you broke my hеart i could not doge but f+ck that we do drugs till are hеads break black we do drugs real dangerous like crack if it’s not hard i don’t want that she’s had some problems with here heart after one to many lines that sh+t failed to start i was screaming at the top of my lungs how the f+ck god take my baby so god+mn young was in the devil playing tricks he knows i’m f+cked up but i guess it’s another day i’m drained of love i’m drained of love can’t find me in the cut i’m gone , might have took my life if it wasn’t like this i would’nt question suicide so i slit until i die can’t stand the pain i cry add it to the lies the book of all your guys broken by a boring b+tch with no life you make me want to shoot my head to prove i can make a better mess then the heart in my chest you finessed but it’s okay ima stay away for a couple of days stare down the barrel it’s a new craze smoking on drugs i love that haze lost my heart in a endless maze of your stupid games just go away go away