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3582 – the e lyrics


– .. once more, and she whispers “shut the door”
– that’s not “shut the door”, that’s french, je t’adore
– je t’adore?
– i’m sure
– you sure?
– positive
– all right, je t’adore

[verse 1: fat jon]
i don’t like rushing, i take my time when i function
with my frequencies, and when i’m explaining my decency
i’m equally pleased to make your aquaintance
i have patience, if you want to see me, here’s my travel agent
that’s next level, forget i even said it
if you got an e-mail adress, girl let me get it
you can call it the e
we can stay in touch for free
i add a lot to security to my new pc
everything is my eyes, [?] grade school
my information is on the front of the card i gave you
rock the house, that’s what i do at the jams when i’m invited
usually have a good memory, here’s a pencil you can write it
i’ll use it properly, not spamming for it with messages
i’ll keep the correspondent and the future is filled with evidence
i don’t use motive cards, or the upper case
so you know it’s me
i keep it simple, like it’s supposed to be

[hook: fat jon]
the e
hey girl, i ain’t from where you from
i come here often, every time it’s awesome
the e
yo this is a nice introduction
they call me 35 and 82 is on production
the e
you know i’ll be back soon, i travel like the challenger
keep your eyes on the calendar
the e
yo this is a nice introduction
they call me 35 and 82 is on production

[verse 2: fat jon]
i train my brain for hypertext
html, javascript, error messages and feelings don’t connect
you didn’t think i was serious until you checked your inbox
don’t be shocked, i got your reply, thanks a lot
cause i’m the type to get back at you quick
i check the e, like the rhyme at the time so check this
someone who doesn’t keep their word is [?]
if i have to, i’ll mail you from an internet cafe
so we can do this
i’ll hit you up around 2-ish
before i send any message out i’ll review it
so my representation remains pristine and flawless
i see you sent your home adress with your number, i’ll call it
but before, i have to hear back
to keep us on track
god forbid a hard drive crash and we overreact
i hope this is fun for you, like it is for me
i keep it simple like it’s supposed to be when i’m using the e


[verse 3]
we came up and we agreed we’d have this way to stay in touch
seems like fate had found its way to us
a new fade of trust we don’t have to discuss
it just happended like that
that’s why we always write back
some friends understand that we’re doing what we got to
and others just want to talk about the possible problems
my outlook is positive, they can’t see how we do it
they get confused
and wonder how we don’t got the blues
my use of p-ssword gets abused and proves
the absurdity of their views
and if they only knew what’s going on with me and you
they would call it infatuation
your girls is hating the invisible man that you’re dating
we see the situation through the same eyes
all that matters is how we look at it
our chemistry is automatic
but we maintain
it’s unexpected that the mainframe is keeping us sane
we keep it simple and plain with