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35emerson – one day freestyle lyrics


if i had one day
to treat you the best i can
to show you just how i changed
to give you the world
just show you my love, yeah
one day is enough
girl yeah

(girl yeah)

i know you had a lot of other n+ggas tryna hoe ya

that wasn’t enough
you built so strong
it was harder to fight for your love yeah

if i had one day
if i had one day
if i had one day

hard s+x, make the bed rock
i be stuck to you
all these other hoes want young money
this ain’t funny yeah
they gon’ rob me from you
yeah, yeah, yeah
it’s time to turn up
i’ll give you all my love, you’ll give me all yours
we bout go dumb
bout go numb to the world yeah

(bout to go numb, yeah)

cause you got it girl yeah
baby you got it
had a lotta consequences from my dm’s
you called it yo gotti oh no no

but girl you’re so naughty
remember when we were at that party
the way you were touching my body

if i had one day