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35th youngan – crazy $tory (35th-mix) lyrics


(35th youngan)
got a drop on this cappin jhit, he from 380
got a glock put in my pants , from my friend kd
got to plan this out, cause i’ve been in doubt
riding to his house, met that n+gga there
start airin it out , i’m driving fast , these cops on my ass
they know i just blast, pulled up to the trap
no this ain’t no rap, i’m pulling caps, right out of my chest
but i got the best, of that n+gga, left him on the ground
left him leekin out, so i’m out , of this sh+t for now, but i’ll be back
to finish his ass, i’ll be first cause i’m never last
yuh, yeah yeah yeah yeah
b+tch i dropped the top, with my f+ckin bro
f+ck that godd+mn hoe, n+gga dykin, i don’t give a f+ck
n+gga i’m pimpin, n+ggas trippin, i am crippin
n+ggas runnin in your house , i ain’t kidding
i don’t give a f+ck , i’m rappin with my brother on the beat
drop some heat, i don’t give a f+ck, n+gga come try me
got a f+ckin glock, with multi felonies, i don’t give a f+ck
n+gga pull up and test me , and my dawg said f+ck that n+gga, hop in the bentley