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36 mafia – mystic stylez lyrics


ah yea
we finna get ready to b-mp that smoked out loced out part two
mystic stylez 3 6 mafia in da hoe
we finna do that dat sheeeeeit…

bustaz get so dazed and amazed
there’s lil’ fly’s chance
memories of smoked out loced out puffed out as them demons dance

play lookin’ wild
stole our style
devils in me so
fly can get so violent
bustas silent when i’m on that blow
enhance my skills to make me treal
treal enough to kill at will
will i kill you
fly will peel you off da map that’s all so real
don’t you mothasuckas often wonder what to call this sh-t
ummmm, call it mystic stylez cause fly sytles so mystic b-tch

the pimpin’ mack is kickin’ with the click that’s known as
triple 6
don’t bar no lemon busta n-gg-s we don’t love ’em
in a trunk is where i stuff ’em
suckas run they liquor i deliver n-gg- hollow thangs
ain’t got no feelings when i’m killin’ cluckers busta duck for
i come with a chrome y’all can makin’ hoes pay the cost
infared to ya head full of lead yawkin’ lames
you can betcha by the dollar that i’m spittin’ game
n-gg-s underestimate my pimpin’ but mackin’ but trippin’
layin’ sk-nky b-tches to the canvas and bustas can i man

mystic styles of the ancient mutalations
torture chambers filled with corpses in my bas-m-nt
feel the rath of the f-ckin’ devilition
three 6 mafia creation decending

with my styles i slit
yo body b-tch
that i will chop to pieces
no f-ckin’ clue to da 5.0 click
no f-ckin’ witnesses an…
they only saw da mask of jason that i had on my face
the scandalous b-tch is so-so slick that why i got away safe
i blaze da bunt up in da air just to relax and get high
da moon is full and all i see is 6-6-6 in da sky
the three 6 mafia
tha devils daughter b-tch is so wild
whateva you b-tches are doin’ you cannot compare to my mystic

i’m creepin’ up on these hoes with the m-th-f-ckin’ shotgun
a n-gg- wit tha 9’s showin’ these b-tches they can’t get none
woopin’ and dumpin’ and stompin’ and d-gg-n’ these b-tches wit
pimpin’ and breakin’ and cakin’ these n-gg-s
cause these hoes can’t f-ck wit me
lachat got tha gat
creepin’ up from tha back
chrome tone now it’s on
neva love a n-gg- joan
cause i’m a crazy b-tch cuttin’ off n-gg-s d-cks
man hoe takin’ these n-gg-s gotta keep it rich
b-tches be runnin’ they mouth about this female they don’t know
suckas be talkin’ that sh-t i’m puttin’ these funky n-gg-s on da house

mystic styles in my head as i smoke on a blunt
yo crunchy black da deamons child has a mean -ss stun
i had to buck you off runnin’ yo mouth with tha weak -ss sh-t
you need to keep it closed
trick before you get yo wig split
a candle light the demon night is what it have to be
another problem for tha folks on unsolved mysteries
ya thought i was dead
naw instead i just faked on yo -ss
and now i’m back wit that mask and i’m ready to blast

now tell me somthing has emerged
legions of demons
[cas a n-gg- finna]
rip ’em in plenty trick
[for a date with my smith & wesson]
b-tch you living
now you cowards waitin’ to bite our f-ckin’ style
rip his legs
cut him down
b-tch with m-ss up in his town
n-gg-s bout to break ya somethin’ off up in that house of
steppin’ to that koopsta b-tch
[da wicked witch or horror]
horror da chambers that tame us
they came up
to feed off your soul fool be livin’ ya anger
now ya lifes in danger