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36 mafia – weed is got me high lyrics


chorus x4
this weed is got me high
so high so high
this bud is got me high
so high so high

(dj paul)
mesmorized by the motherf-ckin’
ya’ll n-gg-s odn’t get high
like the dirty three 6 mafia
we smokers there to chain
give a shot
of that cocaine to the brain
gotta get high
gotta get high
to a motherf-ckin’ that especially
don’t hear me
but i can keep a smile on my drugs
and you cheap -ss thugs
you hoes don’t feel me

(crunchy blac)
watcha got down in your trunk

(juicy j)
nothin’ but leaves and bags of weed
somethin’ to keep you off your feet
make you crawl around on knees
if you slang a
then grab a pound
if you a smoker
fool don’t get wild
are you f-cked up
so what
what’s up
sip on some beer and black and mild

(crunchy blac)
i’m so high
all i smell like smoke
yeah that motherf-ckin’ green
yeah that god d-mn dope
you be hopin’
when you see me
i’m gon’ roll you some
but ain’t gon’ foll none

(gangsta boo)
i’m smokin’ on some blunts
bigger than some of you rappers royalty checks
never been mistaken
i’m the lady that be like
quick to get up in your sh-t
freaky when i’m high
that’s the plan
now understand my nig
f-ckin’ move your man
cause his -ss wanna get with this

(lord infamous)
out of the scarecrow
the substance i obtain
dibe got get me feelin’ strange
and crazy
i’m smokin’ on this doja
got me stumblin’ and feelin’ lazy
i’m staring at some sh-t
that got me dazin’
got plenty of drugs left
and then you know
i’m stayin’ blunted

(koopsta knicca)
stayin’ numb
sh-t faced
chee-cheef hit them killas
the swishers
n-gg- wit that deep pull
so deep that i cannot remember
and if you really wanna get with the
three 6 mafia
it’s no lie you’ll get high