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360 lyrics lyrics


it’s 360, we’re gonna play a bit of rapper tag
so usually in a rap cypher, there’s a circle of rappers
there’s the guy rapping, and the next guy next to him is the person to go next
so seeing as we’re not in a circle right here and it’s just like a youtube cypher, you have to call out the person you want to go next
so i’ma start this off

it’s 360, we about to play rapper tag
so i need to know where about’s the rapper’s at?
you hear the beat in the drums, it’s a m-ssive track
so if i mention your name then you have to rap
three months ago i crashed in a go kart
it’s cause i’m so f-cking good that i don’t park
so don’t ask how real is that
but i ain’t talkin’ go karts when i k!ll this track, like
i had a problem with my b-lls, yo, you don’t know what
some had thought it would be photoshopped
yo, i woke up this morning like i’m robocop
stormed outside to go and make my coco pops
yeah, chocolate cereal, gangster sh-t
mum poured me the cereal, i said ‘thank you, b-tch’
nah i didn’t, don’t think i’m a g
yo, i said ‘thank you mum’ and gave a kiss on the cheek, yeah

boom son! rapper tag! i’m calling out – i’m calling out old mate urthboy. you’re next – you’re next bro. don’t leave it hanging too long. and then you tag the next person you want to go after you and so on and so forth. alright, peace out