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360 – 30 minutes tops lyrics


yeah, motherf-cking 360 b-tch
we made this song in like half an hour tops (wooh)
jesus was swag
you know god? he is my dad
uh, yeah, yo

go to an orphanage, kicking the door in
kidnap her like [?] strangle her with my foreskin
yeah, and i’m swimming with dolphins
it’s the only way left to release endorphins
i’m on a motherf-cking galaxy quest
i’m trying to figure out which planet’s the best
hey yo, i bet that saturn is next. it makes sense too
that’s why i got the motherf-cking tat on my neck
went to the bank to make a balance request
they couldn’t understand, all the cash that i’ve spent
and, if i don’t change soon, i won’t have any left
now, even my god d-mn reality check bounced
not another f-cking rapper again
kicking me another verse about his pad and his pen
asking me when me and kerser f-cking battling next
i’m sorry buddy but that ain’t going to happen again
no, i ain’t scared that i’ll damage or wreck
but no c-nt will ever go and piggyback me again
brother, don’t take it as a lack of respect
i’m glad i helped you [?] a tad of success
but i just have to adress something that has to be said (what?)
a snapped neck doesn’t need snapping again
do i think i won the battle? actually, yes
see the fast f-cking flow, it’s just a tad for a sec
’cause if you slow it down and listen to the raps that he said
’cause, really, how many of his bars do you actually get?
like sue from neighbours ain’t it, so you taking a p-ss
which human on this earth’d eat a razor and shit?
which human’d ever eat a razor and live?
and which dude is dumb enough to place in his d-ck?

sue from neighbours’ -n-s
prawn razors naked
what the f-ck c-nt?
you taking a p-ss
(we do it for the love)

[verse (continued)]
’cause if i had to f-ck razors or be playing your shit
i think your name would come up in my playlist a bit
yeah, i lied, but he said i have a canadian chin
yeah, i lied, but what the f-ck is a canadian chin?
so, i don’t watch our battle anymore, yo i exited
that’s two bits broken c-nt, imagine the rest of it

yeah, thirty minute tops
mate, tops
i’m way too busy brah
(we do it for the love)
yeah, uh