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360 – addicted lyrics


yeah, uh
this is a song about my favourite drug
i think it’s safe to say that i’m probably addicted, huh
yeah, uh
yeah, one drug, yeah

[verse 1]
i see women as drugs, i’m wishin’ all of them were givin’ it up
’cause when i’m down, that’s what’s picking me up
i’m addicted, it sucks, i’m chattin’ to ’em like i’m givin’ a f-ck
all i’m thinkin’ is i’m hopin’ they might give me a f-ck
enough, ’cause on the real, i’ve been k!llin’ their trust
and people shrug it off like i’m livin’ it up
deep down, the whole time i’ve been wishin’ for love
wishin’ i could meet a girl who would fit like a glove
then we force a connection with this innocent l-st
as soon as the s-x is over then i’m finished, it’s done
but am i a bad person? am i a tad worse than
anybody who’s ever committed m-ss murders?
’cause i’m k!llin’ their entire trust in men
i feel like i’m evil ’cause they’ll never feel that l-st again
because of me, and now i only trust my friends
but honestly, yo, i’m wishin’ i could love again
any problems of their own and they blame mine
it’s like a script, always kickin’ all the same lies
any heroin junkie, we have the same mind
because we love it and we hate it at the same time