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360 – died this way lyrics


[verse 1: bam bam]
yeah, ah sh-t, 6, we f-ckin’ running it now
bam bam, remember the name, suck it down
yeah, i came to be famous and take the place of your favourites
but all these ignoramuses came here to f-ck around
i’m amazing, but i’ma save it for y’all to say
and get ’em wasted, but i’m embracing it all the same
and if you hate it, you probably take it straight in the -n-s
ain’t no way that i’m changin’ it, babe, i was born this way

[bridge: 360]
i’ll take a bottle of lanolin, squirt it in your f-cking eye
and make you cry them dry moist tears
that you’ve been waiting to hold onto for years
you f-cking soft c-nt, i don’t give a f-ck!
pots are probably your favourite type of material
because you like flowers, you f-cking p-ssy
i f-cking hate you… ketamine!
we don’t give a

[verse 2: 360]
yo, if money grew on trees, yo, i’d smoke that sh-t
if i’m meeting mother nature, i’ma poke that b-tch
i’m a creep, but you motherf-ckers know that sh-t
such a pervert, f-ck, even my phone has t-ts
it’s probably for the best that i don’t have kids
’cause if my daughter farted on me, i would choke that b-tch
don’t ask me for money ’cause i don’t have sh-t
all i got on me is this pipe that i smoke crack with

[verse 3: bam bam]
yeah, stand the f-ck up ain’t just the name of the mixtape
it’s what 6 says to me after the sixth day
of a straight bender with no intention of ending it
no sleeping or eating and no sense in our sentences
(can you p-ss us the doob?)
we ain’t ever giving a flying f-ck
flyin’ as high as a kite, wired and f-cking fired up
but on the off chance that you catchin’ us driving drunk
at least it ain’t with ryan dunn (too soon?)
we don’t give a f-ck!

[verse 4: 360 & bam bam]
yeah, i was driving drunk with ryan dunn
but i survived the c-nt, look, i’m alive as f-ck
man, you nearly died and i really thought that your time was up
that’s why i did a line of drugs as long as his tire marks
i saw you crawling and climbing out from behind the shrubs
right after your car transformed like shia lebeouf’s
i know the line was harsh, but we’re just rhyming bars
and if you -n-lyse it, f-ck it, yo, it’s kind of smart

[verse 5: bam bam]
forever speeding, i’m always leading the fast life
hard crime, doing a bag of c-ke just to p-ss time
i’m still going from last night and it’s half past nine
in the morning, i’m pouring a gl-ss of this cask wine
i really need to get home, yo, but i can’t drive
last time that i tried it, i p-ssed out in a car twice
i’ve got to make it, i got a lady that’s waiting
a hot little-waisted asian chick, but her t-tties are half white

[verse 6: 360]
i ain’t caring what you think, f-ckhead
’cause your girl is looking at me thinking, “6, f-ck yes”
she told me what she wanted, yo, we discussed it
and everything she said has left me disgusted
if you believe in god then i think you’re a f-ggot
i wrote the bible, i was tripping on acid
understand, motherf-cker, i am six foot four
and with a line of c-ke i am six foot more
we don’t give a f-ck!