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360 – drag me down lyrics


[notion verse]
yaeh, yeah, yo, the shit i’m ’bout to holla here is potent
you lost & you know it, you dont condone this, dawg, i’m focused
i bring wreck, like little denace the menace
but dont be fooled, i’m complex, like the city of venice, check it
you yappin this n that, shit be fabricated
bring ya garbage round me, get you anihilated
like, you hold discussions, baggin’ us, ya not feelin’ it
jus remember who’s team it is, you interferein’ with
bring ya random rhymes, step back, im here to set it, mack
see me freestyle in front of cats, i never met, infact
kick wit dosage, your style sounds pathetic
& no!, i ain’t feelin yall like, local anesthetic, (get it?)
i get hyped, i think its time, that you fin’ to lose
i never stop spittin, til my saliva’s hittin you
you can’t forsee, tha way that me and gmc ryde, (huh!)
so all yall can catch the iller version, on the b-side, (peeeace!)

[notion hook cuts]
live from mel son
peoples is real, its notion baby
notice how im setting the trends

[gmc verse]

[ gmc hook cuts]
when you get slack on tracks
the fact is your irrelevant
heaven sent evidence, or ya kettles bent
i see live people… f-ck a movie this is seventh sense

[verse: cee]

check, yo
now what the f-ck, y’all cats want it with cee?
homie i’m rollin’ mel to scar city, got n-o and gmc with me
yeah the flow pretty, i’m fittin’ to rhyme better
f-ck a label, i’m after that lil’ jon cheddar
i hit the chickens like a rock performance
and she feel it in her kidney coz the c-ck’s enormous
i’m a little hedonistic, it’s all about me now
been stompin’ the planet, ’round the world in my d-towns
uh, i’m back it, it’s cee the rap addict
i just can’t stay away, but dagnabbit
i gotta have the cash to invest in my weed habit
how i roll, with my cap down low and my eyes slanted
yo dude is nice and my crew, spectacular
i kick some real life shit, it’s more than rappin’ bruh
hold the camera, the flash is on me
everybody nod ya head and spark a fat one for me, gyeah

[cee hook cuts]
im fittin to rhyme better
yall cats want it with cee? dagnabit…!
check… i just can’t stay away… dagnabit!!