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360 – freedom lyrics


[intro: 360 & [?]]
“take you down to f-ckin’ ringwood station and belt ya f-ckin’ head in with an axe pipe ya c-nt”
hot diggity (yo, people don’t even realise)
forthwrite, homeboys
i’m wearin’ an ankle sock on my b-lls
[?] nice, so that way it sort of just, just cups under [?]

[verse 1: 360]
ayo, sixty’s in the building, and i spit some sh-t you feel
[?] leavin’ peeps in perfect health in a critical condition
it’s the limited edition, i write my rhymes
in the projects and change my name to lyrical commission
ha! you all get it, you know when sixty hits the rhythm
’cause all the clothes that i rock i bought from this is it in richmond
i sit and listen, when i flip the sickest spittin’
like weapon x and ken h-ll, i live for kicks and women
a binger with the bitters, drinkin’ gin and flippers
writin’ lyrics with a system with a liquor switch in mixtures
with rims witnessing, my spit is blinging wicked, yo
i shift ’em in from england, they’re the prince’s rings but twisted
and when it comes to chattin’ chickies, sh-t is wicked
god, i need some moisturiser ’cause my fist and lips are blistered
i’m sick of zinging, so i spit some sh-t, concealing
how i’m gifted with the lyrics, throwing d-cks up in your missus

[interlude: 360]
“hey, 360, that was a f-ckin’ good rap rhyme, i f-ckin’ liked that one. if people don’t like it then i’ll f-ckin’ smash their skull in with f-ckin’ dove moisturising cream for being soft c-cks and swimmin’ in dandelions underneath the f-ckin’ rainbows, the f-ckin’ c-nts. where’s that pez c-nt?”

[verse 2: pez]
uh emphatic
ayo, now it’s pez, i’m at it, i’m fixin’ to get emphatic
and spittin’ my sh-t as if all my listeners didn’t matter
i’m sittin’, i’m kickin’ back and i sip on a drink and stagger
a binger, a liquor addict, no, really i kicked the habit
but sh-t can happen, so listen, i get it crackin’
my writtens are really whack but i hit on a spliff and rap
i’ve been given it if you clap a legit and it isn’t actin’
i’m thinkin’ this b-tch is sick ’cause my sh-t’s from a different planet
yo, i’ll give the facts, i’m a hippie with different p-ssions
i’m livin’ off sh-tty rations, my fifty odd chickens hatched ’em
or fish and chips, they’re all twisted up in their package
the chips, i can get in quick but not fish if it isn’t battered
uh, ditch the wheelchair, b-tches all think i’m braggin’
i’m blingin’ with rims, switched ’em and fitted ’em to my wagon
i’m hittin’ on chicks at random and gettin’ ’em into tandems
if sixty women give in, i will flip and i’ll get a tantrum

[outro: 360]
we’re the best rappers in this country, b-tch
just don’t know yet, it hasn’t clicked (ha ha ha)
“yeah, that was pez and ’60 from forthwrite, the band. and if you talk sh-t about them, then i’ll snap one off on your f-ckin’ face and smudge it in ya f-ggot c-nt! don’t be a fairy, eatin’ teddy bear biscuits, go run to mummy in your f-ckin’ ankle socks and dunlop bollies f-ckhead!”
ha ha ha