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360 – genesis lyrics


[verse 1: justice]
yeah, uh uh (what up, 6?)
yeah, i’m back to get paid
scratch that, i’m back to entertain
i’ma reverse any misguided
misconception that’s been attached to the name
like, “[?] ain’t a factor, he’s afraid
he don’t really spazz on the tracks that he’s made”
when i see you fools it’s always the same sh-t
like “justice, when are we gonna collab? you’re insane”
i’ve been a fiend like you can’t imagine
i can see you snakes, and trust it’s gonna hurt
when they fall off [?] with no arms to catch ’em, like
i’m johnny cash, man, i walk the line
i give a f-ck if you sayin’ it’s before my time
ayo, a good friend said, “when you fall, you fly”
(what up, 6?) and now i know what he was tryna say
’cause even when you think you about to find a way
success can still feel like it’s miles away
yeah, their ain’t another mc in my league
there’s only a few dudes i deem fit to beat us
me, [?] 360, p easy
all the rest don’t mean sh-t to me
get a line of that blow and immerse your brain
and this’ll blow your mind, call it kurt co—caine
there’s a feeling my heart’s in love wit’
i’m half intrigued, but half disgusted
half of me’s scared to be p-ssin’ judgement
’cause a feelin’ that strong, man, it can’t be trusted
one half always asks for substance
the other half fiends for that party, club sh-t
i asked a fan what he wanted to hear
he didn’t mind long as this did the last one justice
so here i am, with my heart on my sleeve
man, it’s harder to breathe when you p-ss the summit
yo, i first to touch down, last to touch it
back to where we started, but with half the budget
i could easily’ve stopped by now
another dream cut short, but it’s hard to just quit
it’s how i feel when the party drug hit
knowin’ that i’m on a level that just can’t be f-cked with

[verse 2: 360]
ayo, 60’s a loudmouth, yo
(we know) yeah, you heard me before
yo, i’m here to make the crowd bounce, though:
matt shirvington’s b-lls
look up ’cause their ain’t no limits
me and justice’ll take no prisoners
“60, that ain’t the same flow, is it?”
mate, it’s that dope that it makes no difference
yeah, so save it all buddy
let ’em all go ’cause they can talk ugly
but if you wanna battle ’em takin’ your money
and when i nearly died it made more hungry
uh, and i’m way beyond ya
if you got hope then i take it off ya
if god doesn’t k!ll me he makes me stronger
when he fails it takes him longer
i am seen as a mental patient
try to start fires in petrol stations
i’m here, but the rest are flakin’
they had shine, but, yes, they’re fadin’
now i’m livin’ in this entertainment
it’s understood what entertain meant
if you don’t get it then you’re missin’ a point
60 turn head’s like flippin’ a coin

[post-verse: 360]
heads or tails, babe, let’s do this
{coin flips} heads it is, look out