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360 – hunger pains lyrics


everything like what?
everything like everthing
we gonna do this n-gg-
we got cash and checks n-gg-
control all of your body
i take a look at light
you kill them all ?
come on i know your touching it like all
come on
took a deep breath
my cousin …
that make us look like we are obama
like a politician we got that mission from this chicks nigaa
she said look
that floors it’s where we live
checks and cash
may try to get bad
made a plan hit the stage
hit the stage
get the cash
we thought the plan that we conspire was great
told my n-gg-s wait unexpectedly game
no stress drop the boul and …
streaght to a motel cause n-gg- got a gun
she broke that n-gg- …
so just take two minuts
maybe a couple more
we’re here to…
get your dress and …
what the f-ck …
what the f-ck
n-gg- and now how we get out of here
no work asinged…
like you play with f-cking hights
i should shoot you on the roof
when it was the mother f-cking light
when i do my last … up and down
…without a fight
when the moment of the story should they know what they seems