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360 – in da chub lyrics


ha ha, yeah!
it’s 360
forthwrite, ’60 cent
i like ’em fat

yo fatty, eat some more cake
and when it comes to food that’s your forte
never skip dessert unless it’s a sorbet
i know that you don’t give a f-ck because it’s gourmet
you can find me up at smorgy’s lookin’ for an orgy
searchin’ for a fat–rs- girl that’s over forty
handing out my digits, i’m gettin’ ’em to call me
i’ll go and give ’em cards if i’m really feelin’ h-rny

yeah, weapon x and ken h-ll
a-style, forthwrite

i like fatties with att-tude with boulders for t-ts
where you don’t need to raise your voice, you control her with chips
after you roll ’em in dips, they’re so fat
that you face the sun holding their hips to cause a solar eclipse
yeah, i like girls the obese type
who don’t eat right, with steamed rice but deep-fry their meat pies
on week nights they go shopping for levi’s
but they know their jean size is way over three-five
always moody, they’re too huge to be nice
legs are so big they wear b00b-tubes as knee highs
let’s get it straight, yo, i feed force ’em lemonade
better than the featherweights who never takin’ jenny craig
and if your girl’s fat, there’s no need to be whipped
all you need is full cream and it needs to be whipped
if you get the booty goin’, grab the keys to your whip
fatties like it rough, homie, yo, they need to be whipped
and i like it when their chin’s saggin’ below their t-tties
you know that ’60 likes ’em over fifty like oprah winfrey
this one fatty f-cked up her bandwidth
she went insane, tried to download a sandwich
what the f-ck? i get ’em off the weight program
’cause they ate smoked ham like the great rosanne
i know there’s a high rate of spike rape
but me? f-ck drugs, i spike ’em with carbohydrates
i love fat booty as big as denmark
they’re so fat on trains they purchase two metcards
yeah, i said the best -rs- is kept large
but f-ck j-lo, yo, i get hard for stretchmarks

[outro: 360 & pez]
what? (f-ckin’ fatties)
fatties, come to me (yeah!)