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360 – just a thought lyrics


just a thought

[verse 1]
i understand people have a lot of questions
maybe i could rap and give you answers with a message
a lot of times what i’m rappin’ is offensive
it ain’t serious, i’m sorry if i actually offended
“how does he ever write while he’s battlin’ with depression?
he could end his life in the matter of a second”
would it matter if i end it? yes, i wanna show a
disorder can be a gift it’s just a matter of perspective
on this planet there’s a fraction of its members
they have a talent and they have to be remembered
what i have is a profession, and my rapping is a blessin’
i don’t even have to think, all i have to be is present
somethin’ higher though is tapped into my head
dunno what it is but i’m just havin’ to accept it
like i have a spirit enter me, channeling an energy
and everything i rap it’s like i haven’t really said it
i probably sound like i’m gackin’ off my head
i’m clean, it’s like divinely i’ve had an intervention
i understand that it’s challengin’ to get it
people’ll misconstrue how i actually have meant it
for me this is proof that the galaxy is more
than stars and the planets just randomly projected
i’m not saying that it had to be invented
but there’s something much bigger, no man can comprehend it
i believe in god, but not a man that is ascended
standing in the heavens, judging every move you make
and banish you forever, if you’re bad then you won’t get in
for me it’s more simple, like it’s actually a presence
every life, every star, every planet and dimension
everything is actually connected
see, there’s a god that’s ready to come alive in
everybody on earth, all you have to do is let it
you can be anything you actually invest in
you can’t wait for it though, you have to manifest it
the law of attraction is tragically presented
it’s the secret, it’s really hard to actually defend it
they made it out like you imagining a cheque
or a house or a car, then magically you’ll get it
i’m a believer though, i actually digress
see, it goes a lot deeper though than cash and them possessions
if you doubt it, look at the placebo effect
that’s something that you have to be impressed with
a tablet was ingested, the tablet did nothin’
but in thinking that he had it was still havin’ him affected
see every thought you have ever thought
what you truly believe, and your actual intention
it matters, there’s so much power in your mind
and as far as god goes, that is practically the essence

basically just believe in yourself
embrace who you are
and love yourself and everyone else

[verse 2]
yeah, i love getting my vent on
i’m about to blow, picking up where i left off
to tide ’em over i just hit ’em with them songs
i got fifty more so i’m picking the best of
see i been building, i been getting my rest on
yo, i can’t wait to show these kids where my head’s gone
and get my rappin’ at it’s tightest for the alb-m that is timeless
so it’s crucial that i’m seeking the best on
and they keep saying i’m brave and i’m headstrong
but i can’t help but feel like they’re dead wrong
’cause i can talk about my illness and issues with addiction
but i won’t ever say where it stems from
’cause barely anyone knows and i can’t admit it
the truth really does hurt, it’s too dark to give it
this is a life, we never wanna start to finish
we gotta give it everything from start to finish
in a team where we need to have the heart to risk it
our one rule is shooting for the stars in this b-tch
we’re living such a life that it can’t be mimicked
only ever setting goals if they aren’t realistic
made to stand out, though we aren’t to fit in
any nay-sayers and we aren’t to listen
and we spark a difference, making life that
can’t be mimicked, the fact is though, you can’t with limits
i was narcissistic, self-destructive, part sadistic
the wrong business i was partnershipping
i was a part of that party life, partying, then
life fell apart, thank god that i parted with it
in this all-star game, i’m the starter in it
got that nineties fashion with the starter with it
people think i’m all about the fame, girls and money
but the fact is i really love the art of this shit
at the table where the winners be at
f-ck sticking to the rules, we ain’t limitin’ that
we get enough to jump around, make the city collapse
and then we fly around the world doing victory laps
let’s go

i just wanna thank everyone who’s been mad patient with me, and stuck by me through all this f-cking bullshit i’ve been through.
but i’m back now and i’m not going f-cking anywhere. i know this game like, especially in australia, it’s really super competitive and shit. everyone wants to be the f-cking king. i wanna be the king, i’m gonna be the king. i reckon we should all share the kingdom. f-cking every rapper should believe they’re the king anyway.
support anyone who’s k!lling it whether you like their shit or not. f-cking even if, even if we got personal issues i’m glad that you’re kicking goals, i’m glad that you’re f-cking winning. we need more support, and uh, less ego. and any young rappers coming up, shoot for the fence. don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do shit, ’cause you f-cking can. you can do whatever the f-ck you want with the right belief and the right mindset. go for gold. just a thought.