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360 – monument lyrics


[verse 1: 360]
thinking back when it all was a dream
coming up, being close friends with all these emcees
looking at it now it ain’t what i thought it‘d be
there’s all this tension behind closed doors in this scene
in my opinion there’s room for us all to succeed
this ain’t a sport, why the f-ck are we all forced to compete?
as a friend you’d never have a dude as loyal as me
i support them, why the f-ck aren’t they supportive of me?
on the outside they’re proud of what i’ve gone to achieve
but deep down they’re praying i fail and fall in a heap
is it ‘cause i’m in a position that they thought they should be?
or because i didn’t conform and had the b-lls to be me?
when i see them on the weekend we pretend to be friends
the second that i leave them i get thrown in the deep end
the depth of it, it depends, what’s said from it, it depends
that just shows my strength is their weakness
yo i feel like i kept my composure
my real friends, yo, we’ve never been closer
my fake ones act like everything’s kosher
‘cause you keep your friends close and you enemies closer

[hook: robyn]
this will be my monument
i can say i did it all with love
love, love
all with love
love, love
all with love

[verse 2: infinite]
i guess i’m not your stereotype
i’m more that but me in your stereo type
i’m so driven; keep the sound on the stereo high
on the up and up, this never felt so right
all these vices though man, somebody’s testing me
but i ain’t stressing at all, it’s my destiny
this is my moment, do it for the love and i do it for necessity
they’re praying for the death of me
it’s a celebration, we’re trying to stay strong
i ain’t getting rained on, i’mma make it rain don
laugh at the people saying don’t quit my day job
never quit my daydream, live like it’s my day off
yeah i’m really trying to see it through
you’d be amazed to what happens when there’s belief in you
i mean really, this is where i need to be
so i’m just doing what i need to do
it’s like that, and i say

[hook: robyn]
this will be my monument
i can say i did it all with love
love, love
all with love
love, love
all with love

[verse 3: infinite]
shooting for my dreams like a showdown
lucid when i sleep, so real i can taste it
time doesn’t wait but we know now
so we can’t be here to sit around and waste it
shouts to my real friends and all my believers
rid of all the snakes, i ain’t sad that you’re leavin’
no i ain’t sad that you’re leavin’
hatin’ on my dreams, funny they’re the ones sleepin’

[verse 3: 360]
we’re all programmed to want what we don’t have
and if we don’t get it then we go mad
we spend our life searching, it’s so sad
imagine all the things we could change if we could go back
let’s take a journey into my soul
break through the ice cold till eventually you find gold
deep down still a kid but with high goals
rapping ain’t my whole life but it makes my life whole
played the game, yeah, it’s ’bout time again
in a scene full of fake c-nts who act like your friend
they can’t handle being second best
they’d probably cut your throat if it meant success
remember that if they ever approach ya
especially from anyone who’s ever below ya
you never know their motives if they’re getting to know ya
so keep your friends close but your enemies closer