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360 – top billin’ [freestyle] lyrics


[verse 1: seth sentry]
when i was five, i wanted to fly a starship
now i’m twenty-five and i can’t even drive a car, sh-t
ask girls to come back to my apartment
try to d-nk ’em on my push bike and i get laughed at
so these days, when i’m askin’ out dates
i pick ’em up around eight in the car with l plates
and my mum up in the front seat half an hour late
but nothing much changed, they still laugh in our face
so i’m carvin’ out a name
as a rapper ’cause i’ll never get a girl without the fame
and plus i’m bored with watching p-rn and gettin’ rope burn
i need a fortune to afford myself a chauffeur
but luckily my flows works and it’s so perfect
even if i rap with no words, it’s still a dope verse
did my homework and pressed myself an ep
sold three copies, now i’ll probably be on tv
bought myself a big wallet for the profits that i get from it
then i saw my sh-t up on a bit torrent
got p-ssed off, at least i got some big props
from this kid koptic when he said my voice was hypnotic
so get on it, go and buy yourself six copies
from the mysp-ce or download it if you’re dishonest
but it’s nice if you bought the album, legit
sh-t, i could use all the help i can get
i’m so sick of gettin’ bouncers at my own sets
who won’t let me in unless i tell ’em that i know pez
but that’s my own mess that n0body knows seth
i should probably do shows more and get stoned less
and it’s a battle on the road, less traveled
’cause most heads i know just rappers if they’re tone deaf
and that’s cool, i got a sing song flow i guess
and you can hear it on the ep that you should go and get
i had a guy that asked me for my autograph
nah, not really, but that’d be awesome, huh?
so when i say “seth”
you say “who the f-ck is that?”
and guess what? seth’s not famous man
most people know me from my xbox gamer tag
yeah, i heard he had a face like a one tonner
why you think i put artwork on the front cover?
so if you got a friend that loves rhymin’
i got a present, but with better darn prices
even if you’re in a credit card crisis
buy the sh-t and i can get my car licence

[verse 2: 360]
i don’t even get scared in cemeteries
you get scared when you don’t know where your teddy bear is
i’m where it started, i’m everything that matters
if the devil wears prada then the devil is a f-ggot, uh
i’m gettin’ in it the minute i start rappin’
i’ll hit ’em with sarcasm and kick ’em and laugh at ’em
if you know some sick women, introduce me
girls love matt groening like simpsons groupies
but i don’t like having s-xual intercourse
i just like knowin’ that my genitals fit in yours
i’ll send a message to biggie smalls
i can’t find my style yet, yeah, you get it? then gimme yours
i’ll win awards for my next release
but won’t thank no one in my acceptance speech
and pez and me haven’t sleep for weeks, seth can see
but he’ll never know if it’s meth or speed
to calm me down, you better get some weed (weed)
so i can see time fly through my mind’s eye
and if you’re talking about the highlights, you’re talking about my rhymes
talk about the high life, talk about my life
at night time, i might just ride by
saying “take your f-ckin’ watch off your wrist because it’s my time”
i’m already high on life
but i get high on ice just to get twice as high
when we’re stepping on stage while you’re reppin’ your train lines
with fans that take time to get their mexican wave right
i’ll have my conchord with a built in squash court
and still be complainin’ that i want more
and we about to go on tour with tom york
i know you’ve heard of us, wait – what’s that song called?
and while you’re standin’ in a circle kickin’ frees
we’re drivin’ ’round a park in a perfect limousine

[verse 3: pez]
uh, yeah, you might have heard of six and me
yo, it’s forthwrite b-tch, the only surfers in the scene
rockin’ tight top shirts and fitted jeans
listen close to this, it’s the only verse you’ll get for free
off one song man i’m earning fifty gs
while you want a punch on because you’re turnin’ fifty-three
f-ck the urban city dream
give me a house in a suburban little street, i prefer to live in peace
i’m k!llin’ sh-t if you don’t know by now
you better turn this off and go find out
i’m not jokin’ homie, turn this off and go right now
it’s showtime, blow! i’m building up a buzz
so motherf-ckin’ big that it won’t die down
i’m the future, yes i’m in o-nine now and we the captains
see the weaker rappers keep adaptin’
it’s easy you can speak to me or three and see what happens
i can’t see the reason half you dudes are even rappin’
you’re f-ckin’ terrible, i’m incomparable to most
’cause the flow’s impeccable it’s so
incredible now everybody knows
i hear raw cliques talk sh-t about “the festival song”
when they can’t even comprehend the f-ckin’ level i’m on
they can’t really even seem to ever pen a good song
go and listen to the rest of my songs
and come back and we can talk, man i’m leadin’ forward
you’re just doing things i’ve already seen before
so i’m not listenin’ to it or skippin’ on through it
i’m sick of gettin’ sh-t and thinkin’ this isn’t music
i hear these dudes still preachin’ that keep it real sh-t
yeah that’s what you dudes do, you keep it real sh-t
i begun, no wonder you people fear sh-t
f-ckin’ h-ll, i can’t even finish that sh-t

[verse 4: 360]
f-ck those c-nts man, let ’em be, they’re worthless
a bunch of centipedes who would never reach the surface
i’m sendin’ dead mcs and enemies in he-rs-s
and dead in beef and every week and never leave the churches
and say that 360’s centimetre perfect
but even when i’m off by a centimetre, perfect
and my initials are my destiny, get the letters m and c
get it, get it’s meant to be i’m perfect
acclaim asked if i f-ck heaps of fats
the fact is i lost count, f-ck keepin’ track
man, you’re probably thinkin’ what the f-ck beat is that?
but make you forget the beat thinkin’ f-ck he can rap
uh, remember the days of basketballin’?
man, i only rap for kicks ’cause i can’t afford ’em
and my sights are as high up as michael jordan
only job i’ll have in my life’s performin’
see you talkin’, see you in the afterlife son
you biting many styles ’cause it’s hard to find one
but we have that after night fun with these hot tarts
we ain’t rockstars but we party like some
yeah, it seems these days, the topic’s swagger
cool now but don’t rule out the subject matter
stop rappin’ i ain’t wantin’ to hear ya
’cause people love sixty’s music and ain’t talkin’ a era, no
we hit up rap with heaps of decent dimes
who like to l!ck their fingers just to read between the lines
rubbing their gums while we’re runnin’ amok with more
junk in the trunk than a truck full of drugs to haul
this is do or die, it’s either suicide or crucify
you decide, either way, you lose your life
there’s a 360 crew but they’re spelled different
my name has no letters in the alphabet
i can smell success and man it smells like s-x
and so smell it

[verse 5: pez]
you know we’re comin’ live from triple r
takin’ aussie rap music on a different path
the kid who spits the sickest bars like it isn’t hard
on that breakthrough debut, sittin’ in the charts
another month, i’ll be a bigger star than jimmy barnes
it’s pretty simple, you don’t like it, you can kiss my -rs-
i’m out having rich dinners ’cause i’m livin’ large
you’re at home drinkin’ vic bitter, tryna fix ya car
it’s a laugh mate you try to call that hip-hop?
sh-t, as soon as i turn it on, i just switch off
even if i just burn it, it’s like i’m ripped off
people probably heard it, that’s why your sh-t flopped

[verse 6: seth sentry]
i’m pretty certain i’m the laziest person i know
i sit at home in the day with the curtains all closed
just burnin’ a roach, watchin’ murder she wrote
’cause i lost the remote and just search for it
so hard i’d rather sit and work for the show
until it’s over then it’s oprah? i prefer a good soap
sh-t, i watch commercials and i purchase my phone
and then return it after thirty days, dirty and broke
i gotta leave these burgers alone
’cause i’ve almost outgrown the only shirt that i own
plus, i’m pretty sure that someone burgled my home
(no) i swear i had a girlfriend and some furniture though?
i’m broke dope rapper murder a flow
but it’s so much work to go rehe-rs- for a show
sh-t, i used to do gigs and freestyle for two minutes
lose interest and be home in bed before the tune finished
illusionist at work, i had it good
just stand in one spot at a job and try to look stressed
yep, and that’s the key to success
success sucks pez, i couldn’t give a f-ck less
i’m feelin’ the ceilin’, i’m k!llin’ these tracks
i just write the punchlines and pez fills in the gaps
perhaps it’s a fact that if i napped less
i’d have more time to practice and get my raps fresh