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360 (us) – hustler’s withdrawl (one last try) lyrics



angel: don’t go back to the streets, one last try
devil: (laughing)
angel: you’re doing so good- you got a job, you’re happy
devil: come back you know you want to!
angel: you don’t wanna go to jail- one last chance
devil: this is your life
angel: no, you’re doing great
devil: this is where you’re suppose to be
angel: just give it one last chance

[verse 1]
mind conflicted, filled with twisted
thoughts of mischief, just to get rich
opportunity knocked once before
so i approached the door but paranoia kicked in
fooled once, but nope, not again
last time i left in cuffs and some laceless kicks
no belt, wondering if the ones who say they down gon’ help
prepare for the worst as a man i stand when i p-ss
unless a man would snitch they prefer to switch
(ah) traits of a b-tch when they working those hits for a lifestyle lift
f-ck that! im taking these risks, i’m taking these trips
i’m taking this sh-t to a whole notha level
who the h-ll gave my number to the devil?
all b-ss no trebel- all base

angel: one last try, you gotta give it one last try
angel: don’t give up just give it one last try
devil: thats right just give it one last try
devil: you wanna give it one last try
360: after this flip i quit, how much more can i get?
360: it’s that much bread on that strip? gotta couple things on my list

[verse 2]
i could tell you bout the better days
theres no cops on the block when you setting up shop
money flowing, feeling like it’s never gonna stop
seeing big faces from the bills to the watch, watch
watching scarface, checking his flaws thinking you could do it smarter
cuz you don’t use drugs you show love you think b.i.g
with plans to live like a carter
anyone: jay-z, lil wayne, jimmy, president obama- change is gon come
jealousy kicks in somebody gunna tell
tapped your cell on that last sale
racist judge and post no bail
hard to exhale when you sitting in a cell
high profile they and giving your mail
now your lady on land giving up your coins
them heads and tails- exhale-

[hook repeat]

[verse 3]
i could feel my heart beating tweaking
brain freezing if i leave then whats next?
i don’t know which way ima go
with this fork in the road and they both read success
depending on which side of the coin you looking on
theres no right nor wrong choice
especially when the inner you don’t connect with the outter you
you confused by your own voice
i wanna leave, but gotta a family i gotta feed
never hustle for a want- but priorities
god in me, or what they call k!lling my economy
but my economy tryna make a mochary out of me
got society denying me the private me and truth
when they lie to me they think i’m thinking logically
with two spirits thats dividing me
angels if you really ride with me
then why don’t you let me win the lottery

[hook repeat]

devil: (laughing) welcome back!