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360 (us) – lookin’ like i’m signed lyrics


[hook – 360]
she said looking like i’m signed
b-tch i’m living like i’m [?]
they say i’m ahead of my time
sh-t i ain’t even in my prime
they said i’m out of my mind
big chains, big whips, big cribs, that fancy sh-t

[verse 1 – 360]
young n-gga started from the dirt
every verse put it in a he-rs-
the real recognizing what it is
i got to tell the truth, i know it hurts
your hustle ain’t my hustle n-gga
sh-t ain’t working out the way you planned it
i heard you signed to 360
ha, guess you really took my name for granted
this n-gga just sold about 80 thou in his first week
we can both walk in the same club at the same time
and they’d notice me
they’re calling me a young og
we both rocking, i’m rolling
i’m collecting all of my royalties
these motherf-ckers can’t hold me
they mad
how a n-gga this real who ain’t have to kiss -ss
done came up this fast?
they mad
cause they got more cake but i hold more weight
garner rich n-gga hate
my bad
if i had to step on your toes
sit back and let my ribs show, i suppose
get the baking soda, turn the heat on the stove
wasn’t stopping me then, had to eat off the os
now a n-gga bout to murder it ([?])
give praise to the most high (almighty)
two words for the compet-tion (so sorry)
i ain’t never gonna sell my soul (for n0body)
i done came this far by myself
i was born in this world, by myself
imma die in this world, by myself
when i get to where i’m going, i don’t need your help


smoke, break, break, break
smoke, break, break, break
smoke, break, break, break
smoke, break, break, break

[verse 2 – smoke dza]
kushed god b-tch, riiiiight, (smoke!)
came through stomping in my stelfs
you think you balling cause you got a gucci belt?
n-gga you out here crying for help
(let it sink in), b-tch i’m signed to myself
cosign, what cosign?
i certified my own sh-t
you out here tryna get bored
i’m out here tryna own sh-t
i make the b-tches go crazy
i make the hippies go crazy
do shows, smoke weed, and they pay me
take a trip with my lady
sucker free, that’s the way to be
been real the whole time, no favors b
independent n-gga doing it majorly
something lettered in between a and z
ain’t a time i ain’t touring
overseas with it, i’m riding foreign
pics pop up when you google ralph lauren
and it ain’t a weed song if dza ain’t on it
n-ggas don’t want it, not now, not ever
lyrically i’m mayweather
dat nice, like may weather
ay n-gga, ay n-gga