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360 (us) – own thing lyrics


you know i rock, and im gone do my thing, regardless of the…

[verse 1]
it’s a must that i k!ll, every verse and every song
that i’m on, set the stage to a blaze when i perform
why should i conform? just to get the dollars?
give you the cold shoulder cuz i’m knowin im the hottest
when i spit its global warming, somebody shoulda warned him
neck coulder than a coach with gatorade poured on him
i’m raw like a half a ki, you a daiquiri
focus on being a better you and not a wacker me!!
i’m blessed to be in the ballot, amounsgt the rappers with talent
we the best without a co-sign from khaled; we go hard!
but believe me it’s not a challenege
we toss dollars while yall toss salads
welcome to my palace victory i taste it on my pallet
go sporadtic like an addict off of crack, pills, and acid
in a timely fashion heres a cl-ssic, 360 chronicals
you a b-st-rd im your biological son!

we don’t play by the rules, we do our own thing
and when we get in the zone we just go and sing, oh!!!
you know i rock, and i’m gone do my thing
regardless of the hate, that yall n-ggas bring

[verse 2]
even they gang bangin is fake, to me they no threat
they like the stones on my neck, all invisible sets
from what i heard you get ridiculed, we get rid of fools
n-ggas knew, i was lyrical, since my umbilical, got cut
you know w-ssup, even in times it’s biblical
i told noah i got 2 hoes, and you should get few
when i start it’s like the arch, double my residuals
when i’m finished with the business baby i get into you
right now it’s the booth, shows, and these interviews
no more running from the cops, scuffin up my tennis shoes
see i couldn’t get into this, cuz i had to finish that
both feet in, no half steppin with it jack
big kane taught me that, cocaine brought me stacks
mules board planes, with whole things on they back
it’s big chains when i rap, swear to god im lovin it
i ain’t gotta buy it, i just do it for the f-ck of it


[verse 3]
i give respect to the the og’s, not them old n-ggas that once had it
got caught then ratted…bong…bong
thats it, n-ggas laughin…brrrrrrr…automatic block scattered
stop traffic, drape fabric, closed caskets
stiff b-st-rds and p-ssin gift baskets
sh-ts drastic but yet necessary
you black out you gone quicker than february
thought i told ya, coaches put me in the game and its over
sh-t im similar to kobe im a closer
plus i whip that white girl, that coca
make a smoker, lose weight like al rocker
don’t be mad if you been here for years
and it seems like i just appeared and persevered
over my peers, over some old n-ggas, and i did it by myself
i don’t owe n-ggas, i show n-ggas!