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360 (us) – so fake lyrics


da da da, da da da, da da da, da da da da da da
da da da, da da da, da da da, da da da da da da

most people wanna say something but it takes ’em, a day, you see
i’ll tell you ’bout somethin’ taken away from me
see i’ve forgiven people makin’ mistakes
but different places they were basically just changing there fates
i can’t imagine living life with no control
and blocking all feelings in your heart frozen cold
living fake is something you can’t undo
and you’ve lived it so long that it becomes you
for no reason all the hate made it so wrong
but you can only hold a brave face for so long
the brave face soon turns into an evil one
its like the wind changed took away your peace and fun
dig deep past the front and you’ll start to yell
sh-t i know yo its hard as h-ll to ask for help
but me im coming with the welcoming mat
even if you think im weak i put myself in a trap
see if i have emotions then im coughin’ em up
over years and years you dudes bottle em up
theres no wonder you dont hesitate to fight a dude
its the only way you let out whats inside of you
you can call me weak for having an emotional track
but your more of a p-ssy because your holding it back
you always talk about the bloodshed
the only reason you dont cry is cause you dont want your boys to see your upset
your scared they’ll laugh taunt and belt you
if they were your real friends they’d f-cking help you
then behind closed doors you let your dough poor
and let it all out and cry til your throats sore
see if im feeling down like what everyone fears
im not afraid to let it out if anyone hears
if i had the power i’d change you to the old you
and take away all the people that control you
your in denial and your stuck in a binge
you dont think for yourself your just a puppet on strings
i know your insecure motherf-cker just think
why else would a song like this get under your skin

your so fake,(yeah) your so fake,(uh!) your so fake, your why can’t you be yourself, (why not)
your so fake,(huh) your so fake,(listen) your so fake, your never gonna be yourself

honestly f-ck taking my time
yo im after the spotlight and im making it mine
and i had the haters claim that i was faking my rhymes
but i’ve left that sh-t behind f-ck saying goodbye
because i love hip hop but i hate the australian type
a bunch of meatheads actin all crazy in fight
s yo im brave enough to say what i say on the mic
on some real sh-t im stayin that way til i die
optimistic and i place all the hate to the side
hate these days always patiently waiting inline
i know i shine but its making me blind
theres heaps of beats to destroy and paper to find
your lot caught in an image ashamed when you cry
id rather cry then have my face imitate a disguise
its like im always being faced with these lines
it ain’t my life but you say that its mine i used to take it in stride
wish i talk with australian pride
but i hate this country i hate what your like
superficial, highstrung, protencias and fake
the f-cked thing is 90 percent will never relate

uh, yeah, had to think about that one
if you think its about you then it probably is
that one was meant to be taken to heart
yeah, 360, abstract, what?