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360 (us) – when i’m gone (remix) lyrics


police might just pull this ride
find them keys up inside
give a n-gga 55
yeah, any second my clock could stop
get hit with a couple shots
will they miss me like i’m pac?
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
will they miss me when i’m gone?
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
will they miss me when i’m gone?
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
will they miss me when i’m gone?
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
will they miss me when i’m gone?

[verse 1 – 360]
riding dirty in this clean -ss coupe
batmobile flying by, [?]
cops on my tail, i ain’t tryna go to jail
[?] mask that smell when the dogs come (woof!)
moves got to get made, bills got to get paid
they gon have to dig my grave
before i’m 12 years a slave
they can lock up my physical
they can’t lock my soul
can’t take me out this early, cause this young n-gga got goals
these cops is out for blood, they k!ll me and beat the case like oh well
i ain’t forget about oscar grant, ayanna jones, or sean bell
shots, shots, shots, shots
i ain’t feel the effects of this liquor yet
n-ggas tell on you quick for some mickey d’s and a f-cking cigarette
first 48, be your last 48
seconds on earth, boy started from the dirt
with a little bit of work and a 38
facts only, i take your pack
don’t cry, don’t b-tch, don’t sneak
that’s tax homie
that come with the game when you live your life like this
ice my neck, then i light my wrist
cop my crib, upgrade my whip
sh-t turn bad and a n-gga get caught
only got one question, will i still be missed?


[verse 2 – trae tha truth]
i’m on the block feeling like h-ll in my face
i pray to god through the night that i end up safe
i got that work in the trunk, banger on my waste
f-ck jail, tell the people i’m going out with a chase
any money that i get must go all up in my safe
if i get jammed up, it’s going all in my case
all about the benjamins, like [?]
have three or four n-ggas going [?] in your place
i sit and wonder would half my n-ggas miss me
if i went to jail, would half these hoes diss me
only if the hood would rip me like [?]
or if i’m gone would they somehow forget me
even though it’s gonna be hard to do
i live it up, there ain’t no promise that i’ll come back through
i’m married to the streets, n-gga said “i do”
for all of my n-ggas dead that i said i knew
imma get it till i got it, never quit, just hustle
heavy in the game, you can tell i got muscle
straight to the point, don’t get sh-t shuffled
[?] player like a n-gga named russell
stay ducked dog, never stay on the radar
f-ck with real n-ggas, can’t tell you what they on
all these nice times end up flying
pain so close, everything else so far