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38 hot tha don – intro lyrics


i got a swag on a milli my n-gg-s do too
i got a bad b-tch with me and my b-tches do too (huh)

ok my swag on infinity, these n-gg-s ain’t killing me
i’m killing, keep the red beam on my enemies
these n-gg-s just mad because i am what they pretend to be
if they went numb to the touch they’d still be feeling me
b-tch you know it’s nothing when you see them n-gg-s suffering
guns getting loaded up like the clip was buffering
i’m getting bucks again, catch me speeding down the road to riches
you can’t see my swag, blindfold b-tches
i’m talking big cash bad b-tch with a big -ss
i got that dope d-ck with more feens then a methlab
see b-tch i’m balling and got your girl on my genitals
and since i’m from clarksville b-tch you know that i’m a general
i got plenty hoes from the way that i ride
and got your b-tch right by my side
and since i’m a stand up guy
just tell me one thing, tell me why would i lie
these n-gg-s fed my ego, now i done gone and went beast mode
these people need to learn that we are not an living equal
i kill em all send a casket and an ambulance
i’m flying on a paper plain with no turbulence
you know i’m stunting, i’ll city like a m-th-‘f-cka
you bragging about you bad b-tch? i got a couple of em
(swisha gang)